With marketing budgets facing increasing pressure, Positive Images will use its lengthy experience to design and create bespoke solutions to maximise impact whilst keeping check on your all-important spend.

Good, solid partnerships with clients form the backbone of a sucessful lead-in to every show. Clear communication is key.

Our popular range of modular exhibition equipment coupled with tension fabric solutions develops exponentially year on year. The benefits of a modular stand outweigh custom – with modular having the ability to be reconfigured to suit different sized floor spaces. The tension fabric system allows us to create very large single-panel walls rather than a graphic being created from several elements – which in turn enhances the look and feel of the final product. It is important to us that every design we create is customised to our clients’ requirements.

The right architectural shapes, textures and lighting are all an integral part of the design process. We use the latest CAD and visualisation software to bring initial freehand sketches to life. Unlike many others in the industry, the 3D render we provide is the design you will see on your floor space at your event – and not simply a close interpretation.


Of course, exhibiting isn’t simply about the build and talking to clients at the show. Positive Images will also take care of the large amount of paperwork that needs to be submitted to show organisers, in addition to submitting orders for utilities and enhanced services – all equally important but often overlooked and penalised with late charges if not handled correctly at the outset. With the introduction of CDM regulations within the exhibition industry, submission is now more complex and our aim is to remove that burden from the client and make life as easy as possible – thus allowing you to concentrate on the brand and experience rather than dealing with the mundane of housekeeping.


From smaller shell scheme solutions through to large floor spaces, Positive Images is the choice of many organisations around the world and we are trusted as a partner to a larger number of leading blue-chip organisations who demand the very best from their supply chain.

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Portable display solutions continue to play an important part in the exhibition arena and Positive Images is able to draw on its extensive experience and knowledge in order to tailor solutions to every need and budget.

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You may have a simple shell scheme to dress or an outdoor event to brand and we will have solutions to suit. We work with leading suppliers of portable display solutions to provide equipment that will last and offer a cost-effective solution for years to come.