We would normally start with a blank canvas. A full brief is taken, whether by phone, email or face to face. A full mix of ideas may already exist, we simply need to translate those into a workable solution to maximise both budget and the event experience.

Step 1

Either a scamp is created or we go straight to plans. This is subsequently discussed and fine-tuned to the point of final sign-off. Next RAMS and plans are submitted to the event organisers for approval. Electricity, internet and other utilities are then ordered and we ensure the exhibitor manual is adhered to closely in order to remove the possibility of any nasty surprises or missed deadlines.


Step 2

Once plans are agreed and subject to time from artwork to show we will render the final artwork and create incredibly lifelike 3D images. These are intended to and will show exactly how the stand will look once built.


Step 3

The build commences.

Step 4

Following a successful show, Positive Images will store any re-useable components and await booking instructions for your next event. The cycle continues.


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From an idea, through visualisation to the finished article...